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SmartShare V2 is out, check it out !

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Frédéric Block
Managing Partner, EASI

In November we announced the official launch of SmartShare on Android. The first version contained full support of APM but had no direct access to mails. 
At the moment of that launch the full mail support was being beta tested internally. This test phase has now being finalized successfully and so the app was released on the Play Store. You can simply update your application in the Google Play Store to enjoy these new functionalities. 

You’ll be able to access your mailbox to read and send emails. In case of notifications of APM’s the doclink will send you through to the correct activity. In case of external emails you can choose to add the mail to an activity or create a new activity based on this email. 
Oh, don't forget the cherry on the cake. By swiping on the mails some fast actions are available to make you win time, try them out and enjoy the time you'll win. 

So what's next now?

Currently our team is busy developing the contact list, allowing you to find all useful information about companies and contacts. This new version will be available around March 2018.

Keep following us for more information about future releases!

Let's make 2018 more productive than ever. 

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