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Adfinity 1.6: a new design that improves your everyday comfort

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Marie Payet
Product Manager Adfinity - Easi

The changes brought by version 1.5 were only the beginnings of a general review aimed at making Adfinity even more user-friendly and more adapted to your needs. So what's new with version 1.6?

When we determined the major areas of development to be incorporated into version 1.6, two elements quickly came to the forefront: improving ergonomics and the user experience.

We quickly realised that the readability of our application could be further improved to allow our customers to work, even for long periods, in more user-friendly software.

Ergonomic improvement

We have, in collaboration with the UX & design department (user experience), identified all the readability problems of the application. We have done this for all the main screens of the application. We have repeated this process trying out different settings in an effort to find the most suitable one.

Today the change is startling. Let's compare 2 screens for consulting the accounts.

The first comes from version 1.6.


The second, from version 1.5.


What has changed?

We have revised all our standard tables to enlarge the space between two rows, increase the font and the contrast of the select line. In addition, all colour contrasts have been checked in the current tables to ensure maximum readability.

All the filters have also been modified to increase the font size and make it more reader-friendly.

Customisable Design

Would you prefer even larger rows or font size? Or on the other hand do you want reduced row size in order to display as many rows as possible on the screen?

We have thought of everything. You can customise your work environment according to your needs!

Change the row and font size for all your users from client access. You can also do this for a specific user from his or her personal user master record.


We are continuing to evolve. Other ergonomic improvements to your main modules are in the pipeline for subsequent versions. We look forward to building them and sharing them with you!

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