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Adfinity Roadmap 2021

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Stijn Boonen
Sales Team Leader, EASI

At Adfinity we try to stay ahead of our competitors, so we always have to invest in our product. Every year we invest at least 2,000 man days in the development of all kinds of functionalities in our software.

I would like to elaborate on some of the topics we are focusing on in 2021 in this blog post, namely the developments around security (2-Factor Authentication for our web version), Artificial Intelligence, live audit and ergonomics.

Security: 2-Factor Authentication

You hear almost daily about companies facing cyber-attacks. Given that we hold security in high regard at EASI (our CISO will love to hear it), this is obviously a topic that needs a lot of attention.

This is why we are investing in making a 2-Factor Authentication feature available to log into our web version.

2 FA

Users who want to log in will first have to scan a QR code with another device & then have to enter the code that is returned, before they can log in.

Artificial Intelligence

This is of course a hot topic that we too are happy to jump on given our focus on automation & robotics. "AI" has many forms. One we can use in finance & procurement is recognizing data on invoices & purchase orders.


In that regard, we have developed a cockpit dashboard that provides a handy overview of all incoming invoices that were handled.

The system clearly shows which invoices could be entered fully automatically and sent to the responsible parties for approval, which invoices require attention because certain data needs to be checked, and which invoices require further intervention because certain data has not yet been found.

Because the system is constantly learning, the amount of time users spend in processing their incoming invoices is going to get smaller and smaller.

Live Audit

Nobody is perfect and during a less attentive moment invoices could possibly not be entered correctly. Enter our so-called
"Live Audit".

Live Audit

Adfinity is going to proactively make certain suggestions to its users. These suggestions may include, for example, indicating that a different general and/or analytical account is being used than is typically the case for that particular vendor. Or that the system indicates that it is already the 3rd time that a certain breakdown was used analytically and/or generally, asking if a model should be created for it.

In short: the chance of errors is reduced to a minimum & so the time spent to have to check things will also decrease.


When you have to work with a software for a whole day, it should also be pleasant to use and easy to control. Within EASI we always listen to the input of our customers if they have a remark or an idea about the ergnomy of the application.

Not that Adfinity is not user-friendly, on the contrary, but because we believe that you should also always question yourself and always do better, we decided to give Adfinity a facelift in version 2.0.

Among other things, the use of color will change, the booking screen and available fields will change somewhat, we will work with a "hamburger menu" and a search bar will be available in the header of the screen.



More info about this facelift will undoubtedly be given in an upcoming blog post!

Questions about the above? Do not hesitate to contact us.

To be continued...

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