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Back in the field

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Robin Burton
Business Consultant

Urgent or difficult interventions are not always easy to perform remotely. We have some of our consultants back in the field. But how does it actually work today?

Me and my colleague Benjamin Van Gyseghem went to one our clients for an analysis meeting to set up an interface with another tool. In total 5 people needed to be there. A big challenge to organize this safely.

Taking care of each other

When we got there, they were already waiting for us in big meeting room that allows more than 10 people. We had enough space to respect the social distance rules. Everybody wore a face mask, and they had prepared disinfecting sprays for me and Benjamin.

So in a way we were ready to protect them, and they were ready to protect us.


One of the first things we felt and said to each other was: ‘it feels so good to see other people’.

Although the last months have proven so much is possible remote, it was a joy to see other people. We realize we are people who get energy from seeing other people and it gave us a great feeling to be able to go out and help them achieve more.

Creative solutions

Even though we felt like professionals dealing with the hygiene rules, the real challenge came when we wanted to share our screen and project a presentation.

In the meeting room we had to communicate with one keyboard and one mouse.

So we decided to disinfect our hands, each time before and after the mouse and the keyboard were passed on to another participant of the meeting.

Working on premise

The client made us feel really safe. They have separated their landscape ‘open offices’ with plastic ‘plexi’ glasses.

You could still see through the office, but every cubicle was now protected. With disinfecting gel everywhere available, we could quickly start our day.



To be continued and repeated! We felt happy to see our clients, and we must say they were happy we were back as well. They preferred our physical attendance for these technical analytic meetings. Since we could organize them safely together, we felt really good about it as well.

The mutual respect between us made this a great experience.

It is possible to operate with these new safety rules and I can honestly say: caution remains, but I sincerely look forward to meeting my clients again in the future.

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