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Business documents are being introduced into budget reports

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Harvey Meunier
Software Developer, EASI

As you aware, our Adfinity Web solution has various modules that make life easier for accountants and account managers.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at an interesting new feature that is being incorporated into the budget reports page

Budget management has never been easier

As well as having a comprehensive view of a certain budget, thereby ensuring that their budgets remain healthy and controlled, users can consult the specifications of each line and each grouping in order to obtain a list of accounting documents relating to the amount being examined.

With this feature being fairly popular among our users, it became clear to us that the next step would be to also introduce it into the management of business documents!

Business documents are joining the party!

Today, therefore, it will also be possible to see the specifications of lines linked to PSM documents.

Whether they are temporary, committed or final, you can quickly and efficiently monitor your budgets by clicking on the desired amount, where you will then be redirected to a list of all documents relating to this amount.


Go even further

Do you want to go into more detail? No problem!

  • Other features are also present in this list:
  • Obtain the total of selected lines
  • Display PDF document
  • Directly access the business document


As you can see, monitoring budgets is a breeze in Adfinity, and we are doing our utmost to ensure constant evolution of our solution with new features like this one.

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