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CODA: log of the processing flow of electronic bank account statements

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Gregory de le Vingne
Expert Software Engineer

Adfinity already integrated your financial statements directly on the correct allocations and carried out the reconciliations automatically. It is now possible to visualise the complete flow as well as the recognition criteria for each transaction. Read more in this blog post.


CODA designates is an electronic file containing the data of your account statements and their attachments

Thanks to the CODA module, offering integration functionalities in Adfinity, your financial statements are directly imported with the correct accounting allocations and can be automatically reconciled with your invoices.

CODA files are available on the ISABEL platform or directly from your bank.

Processing flow

To manage automatic accounting allocations during integration, Adfinity allows you to create advanced and detailed settings .

Given the numerous settings possibilities offered by the application, it may be of interest to view the processing flow actually followed during integration for each imported transaction.

A new screen has therefore been created to better understand which search criteria are selected and used by Adfinity when importing.

You can also view in detail, for each transaction, all the searches that have been made. Whether they are successful or not.

For example, you will now be able to see which criterion has made it possible to trace the consideration for a payment; is it the bank account? The name of the account holder? The VCS number? Another criterion?

The application performs all these searches for you automatically.

Please note: thanks to the IsabelGO module, you can also download your CODA files directly from Adfinity without using the Isabel platform.

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