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Double authentication in Cloud2be 4 Adfinity available

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Romain Panchout
Senior Sales Representative

Double authentication in Cloud2Be 4 Adfinity is available, but what exactly does this entail? Find out here.

What is double authentication?

The answer is very simple: double authentication enables confirmation of the authenticity of the person who is attempting to login by presenting two separate proofs of identity: on the one hand, the password; on the other, proof that it's you behind the screen.


Basically, in addition to specifying a login and a password, you will have to confirm that it is really you who is the source of authentication via your smartphone. You will receive a notification on your mobile phone allowing acceptance or refusal of the login. If you have an older phone, an SMS with a verification code will be sent to you.

If authentication fails, you won’t be able to login, even if the password entered is correct.

How will double authentication be of use to me?

Double authentication has become essential to securing accounts containing sensitive data.
Currently, in order to log into Adfinity in your cloud environment, you are only asked to provide your password. This type of security is far from being fool-proof: If someone steals your password, for example, they will have access to all your accounting data.
Thanks to double authentication, things become much more complicated for fraudsters, because now they will have to know both your password and steal your phone in order to impersonate you.

Is it necessary to use double authentication?

Some people would probably have you believe that double authentication isn’t very practical. It is true that adding an extra step in the login process may certainly cost you a few extra seconds.
EASI has therefore gone for only offering double authentication on an optional and non-compulsory basis. As a result, all our Adfinity customers on Cloud2be will be able to choose to either add this option or not.

We are, however, firmly convinced that it is worth the hassle : what you may lose in convenience, you will more than make up for in security. With these few extra seconds, you will be guaranteeing the security of your data on a daily basis.

Are you interested in setting up this option? Contact us!

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