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Financial digitization

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Alessandro Zayas Garcia

Do you want to increase the roles in your organization into added value? Are you considering changes in your organizational structure? One evolution that you should most certainly be thinking of is that of your accounting software.

Accounting and finance are part of the jobs where tasks are often repetitive. This type of task presents an opportunity for your whole organization to evolve through digital transformation. Find out how Adfinity, accounting software created and developed by EASI, can help you make this step.

What is digitization in general?

It is no more and no less than a process of transforming objects, tools, professions or operations towards digital technology. Nowadays, we speak more often of digital transformation than digitization. This transformation towards digital technologies is an integral part of our daily life and it is especially called upon to grow and spread to new professions.

The advantages of digitization

Digital technologies have great potential to help your organization become more efficient and, most importantly, more attractive to your customers.

It is no secret that digitization holds many advantages:

  • Drastic reduction in paper use
  • Flexibility of administrative management with the transition from heavy and bulky management to a lighter version
  • Automation of certain tasks that have no added value
  • Improvement of the speed of certain processes
  • Protection of your data
  • Securing certain processes
  • Speed and simplification of internal and external communication
  • Employees' working conditions are indirectly improved
  • Increased profitability of an organization
  • Improvement of the image that the company gives to the outside world

In conclusion, all these advantages adhere to the common objective of guiding the organization towards the new digital era.

Financial digitization

The world is in constant flux, professions are changing, with accounting and financial activity being no exception. It is important for an organization to evolve over time. Digitization has become a major asset in the evolution process. These days, taking it on board is a necessity, which is why every company should set up digital finance and accounting.

Adfinity and digitization

Adfinity is the accounting software that EASI has developed. Since its creation 20 years ago, the software has significantly evolved and continues to do so on a daily basis. Currently, Adfinity is already equipped with many digital technologies with each new technology coming on the market being analyzed by our teams in order to ascertain the positive impact that it could have on the evolution and growth of our clients' organizations.

Some technologies that Adfinity offers:

  • PDF available directly in Adfinity
  • Retrieving invoices in emails
  • Sending electronic invoicing
  • Sending electronic reminders
  • Sending electronic notice of payment to suppliers
  • Approvals on a web platform (no more use of paper approvals)
  • Mobile approvals on smartphone and/or tablet
  • Attaching documents

Take the example of recovering invoices directly from emails. How is this possible? EASI has recently developed software that allows, for instance, the extraction of accounting documents in PDF from emails. This is our software Adflow.

After extracting the accounting documents from the emails, Adflow automatically sends the documents to Adfinity. This software has the great advantage of being paper-free, thus greatly reducing the risk of loss of the document. Indeed, the accounting document is kept in memory on a computer disk.

In a constantly changing environment, where the finance and accounting professions are evolving at high speed, EASI can become your partner by helping you to lead your organization towards digital technologies. New technologies will appear in the months and years ahead that will become the “standards” for all accounting software.

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