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For which sectors is Adfinity suitable?

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Tobias Wauquier
Sales Engineer

As an accountant you are looking for added value. Check here in which sectors our software can definitely offer it.

This article presents a non-exhaustive list of the added values that we offer.

In the software package market, several positionings coexist, each with their strengths and weaknesses. Accounting is no exception to this observation. Entry-level software, sometimes limited in its resources, is sometimes confronted with a convoluted mess, i.e. very large ERP systems that don't always place particular emphasis on accounting, the implementation of which is often cumbersome and expensive.

EASI has chosen to place Adfinity in another category. Adfinity wants to be the expert in your company's accounting, by bringing together very advanced functionalities, while retaining this user-friendliness and this flexibility in the management of its implementation.

Furthermore, because our developments are always standardized, our clients benefit from a tool that is constantly evolving and adapting precisely to changes in legislation and market needs.

On several occasions, the question has arisen as to which business sector our solution is aimed at. This article presents a non-exhaustive list of the added values that we offer.

The building industry

Functions and automations have been specially developed for the building sector, in order to provide it with an unprecedented level of high added value. Thanks to an integration with the Belgian Confederation of Construction, we are able to fully automate the management of deductions (article 30 bis), from the FPS Finance/NOSS control for subcontractors to deductions from the payment of invoices, including the electronic storage of legal documents.

The automated management of bank guarantees and surety bonds is another example: temporary and final handover is provided by the site manager via electronic approval reports sent to our mobile platform. These include detailed records by project or worksite, management of interest on late payments related to utilities, electronic invoicing, EDI, inventory and materials management using handheld scanners, etc.

The Hospital Sector

With more than ten years of experience in the hospital sector, Adfinity meets hospital accounting standards perfectly. Whether it's Finhosta legal requirements, expense center tracking or customer accounting, Adfinity is the benchmark accounting software for hospitals.

Developments have also been made in order to enable pharmacy stock management using Kanban labels and PDA guns, the retrocession of doctor's fees and easy workflow management. With a large number of parties being involved in the hospital sector, the time savings offered by Adfinity are enormous and allow you to allocate your human resources to tasks with higher added value.

Public Sector

Adfinity wants to be the partner of choice for the accounting management of your organization. Regardless of the level of power, EASI closely monitors the evolution of legal provisions in this area. For example, we have made the necessary adjustments to keep budget accounts for PSUs.

The generation of WBFIN reports is as standardized as possible, and thus allows each administration to easily monitor its activity. Finally, we have implemented a loan and equity management module allowing investment organizations to maintain accurate reporting of their aid

Transportation Sector

EASI, being both its own publisher and reseller of its solution, allows great flexibility in the carrying out of projects. In fact, most of the time, we have to create an interface between Adfinity and a business tool. Whether it's a billing, logistics management, reporting tool, etc.

This also applies in the transport sector, where numerous cases have been encountered and where EASI has consistently been able to respond to client specifications. Adfinity's highly-advanced analytical management allows for detailed monitoring of the carrier's activity by analyzing, for example, profitability by type of transport, by fleet vehicle, by driver etc

In addition, Adfinity offers the possibility of generating consolidated reports between subsidiaries in different countries, management of fixed assets, management of budgets and your cash flow, automatic encoding of supplier invoices etc So many elements which, from experience, are key for our clients.

Real Estate Sector

Property management is often managed in a specialized tool. As such, the functionalities expected from such a tool are very often complete and allow efficient monitoring. However, a criticism that has often been conveyed to our developers is the lack of integration of such solutions with accounting.

Based on this observation, we have developed a Real Estate module for Adfinity allowing the management of your buildings, allocation keys, tenant management, meter management, contract management, rental vacancies, etc

Our added value is not so much about what the tool allows, but rather how we make these functionalities available. This means you will be able to follow the life of your properties with an in-depth look at the accounting. Customized reports can be generated in exactly the same way as for other business sectors. User-friendliness, precision, integration with accounting, these are the keywords of our module.

And what about the rest?

Adfinity is obviously present in many other business sectors. We make no secret of our ambition: we want to be the best accounting tool whatever your needs. You can also consult some of our testimonials via this link.

We would like to conclude by inviting you to request a demonstration of our tool. We would be more than happy to answer your questions to examine how, together, we can take your accounting into a new era.

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