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Forms of cooperation within the finance department

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Stijn Boonen
Sales Engineer, EASI

Sharing information both within the finance department and with external contacts is becoming increasingly important. This is all the more relevant now that people are working from home and are not actually at the office, and/or during holiday periods.

Using Adfinity, anyone who needs to be updated on, for example, an invoice or an order form, can easily be notified. It ensures no information is lost and no time has to be spent on calling each and every one of the persons involved.

It also includes the perfect follow-up option and everyone can provide input in order to help the customer or supplier to the best of their ability, as quickly as possible. Responsiveness at its best!

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Are you also tired of not knowing the specific details of an invoice or order form and having to call the person in charge to find out, of having to send an email, of having to search, etc., in order to get information?

So are we! That is why Adfinity comes with a few incorporated ways to avoid these steps and respond more efficiently to the customer’s or supplier’s demand. We have described two of them below: our file button and our notification centre.

File Button

A button used by practically all of our customers is our ‘file button’. Not only does this button considerably promote collaboration between people within the finance department, but also between all other parties involved.

This file button is included throughout the application and it allows you to add comments on a general ledger or daybook level, but also on an order form and invoice, for example.

If users have added comments to the file, they can use it to notify each other they have done so.

In the screenshot below, you can see that on 3 out of 5 outstanding invoices from our supplier World of Show a comment was added to that particular file.

1. Consultatie WoS


If we look at these comments, we get the following screen.

2. Dossierknop WoS


3. Dossierknop WoS


As you can see, we can add an internal contact person (Jean-Michel), as well as an external contact person for the supplier who is aware of the invoice details. In this case Ann Peeters – her contact details are also shown.

We also see that our colleague John used Adfinity to send Ms Peeters an email informing her that this file was going to be sent to the lawyer. Ms Peeters has sent a reply, which we have received in our Outlook Inbox. We then dragged this mail to our Adfinity file to keep track of all activities involving this invoice.

In addition, there is also an option to add attachments per comment and to create an email in Adfinity, which will then be sent via Outlook. It goes without saying the email printout will still be saved in the file.

In case someone within the World of Show finance department follows up on outstanding invoices, you – a finance employee – can also help this person even if Jean-Michel is absent, and without having to contact him first.

If you then want to inform him of the fact that someone within World of Show tried to contact him regarding this particular invoice, you can enter a new comment and send & Jean-Michel (& any other persons) a notification.

4. Nieuwe commentaar

They will then receive it in their notification centre.

Notification center

A handy new feature in the latest Adfinity version is our notification centre, a central place where users can see everything they need to know. We have already discussed this in a previous blog post.

5. Notificatiecenter


Examples of the various notifications displayed are:

  • new comments in a file
  • activities carried out by the robotic module
  • alerts that your OCR units batch is running out
  • e-invoice batches that are ready to be checked
  • etc.

If there is a new message for the user in question, it will be displayed as follows:

6. Nieuwe melding


The user can now click on the notification to navigate to the place where the new comment was added and take the necessary steps to respond to the other user's request.

7. Bericht notificatiecenter


In Conlusion

Using the standard Adfinity functionalities described above, users within a finance department, but also other users, will be able to deal with questions in a simple and efficient manner. This results in considerable efficiency gains and less frustration, both on their part and on the part of the customers/suppliers.

In addition to these features, there are of course others (e.g. our task management, which will be discussed in more detail in another blog post).

Do you have questions about the above-mentioned option? Please feel free to contact me. I am happy to answer them!


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