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How to manage your approvals during the holidays?

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Florence Maquet
Project Officer

Going on vacation this summer? Ask yourself these questions before you leave: have I done everything I can to manage my absence from work? Who manage my approvals during my time off?
If not sufficiently prepared, some situations can be stressful, even when leaving on holiday. We offer you some tips to help you leave with peace of mind.

approbationMany people have decided to take a few days or weeks of to recharge their batteries. Yet, your absence can be a source of tension if there are unresolved issues : customers don't get their questions answered, files remain pending and no one is there to take on the responsibility. Therefore, it prepare yourself thoroughly before leaving on holiday, so as not to negatively impact the company's processes and not to be solicited by your colleagues during your tanning sessions!

Have you anticipated your absence or that of your colleagues? Have you thought of everything? Organizing yourself well during the holiday period is the key to leaving with peace of mind and not cause additional stress to other employees.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your vacation.


When several employees leave on the same period, it can have an impact on company processes, particularly in terms of approval cycles.

How can you anticipate and avoid unnecessary stress: 

  1. Communicate throughout the year with your replacement, so that he or she can manage your business effectively from the moment you leave.
  2. Plan your leave well in advance and ask your colleagues to do the same.
  3. Identify critical times when your business could be in turmoil. If one of your managers decides to leave for 3 weeks, spare him unnecessary stress and make sure he comes back from vacation well rested.
If nothing is put in place, purchase requisitions or invoices will remain pending approval. Several approvers have decided to leave at the same time, what can you do? Some vacation periods overlap and organizing your alternates can be a real headache if several approvers from the same approval cycle leave at different times.


Once you know the different holiday periods, make a plan of action. Ask yourself the right questions. Organize your alternates. Go through your approval cycles and highlight the steps that will cause problems. Ask yourself who is or are the right people to replace your approver. Consider delegating and filtering your urgent matters from those that are not.

In Adfinity, the management of your alternates can be handled very simply and quickly. Just go to the tab "Substitute" and fill in your approver, his substitute and the period during which you would like him to replace him.

Manage emergencies

The time you took to organize everything will allow you not to be solicited during your holidays. However, certain situations may require your intervention. For instance, to manage an emergency that cannot wait for your return.
If you have to leave the country for the holidays, prepare the ground. You won't even have to move from your deckchair! Get a solution that will allow you to connect remotely to manage your approval quickly.

With Adfinity, you can approve your documents or invoices on the web and even via your smartphone with an application!

Think security

Delegating does not mean that your colleague has to act on your behalf. He or she will simply be required to make decisions on your behalf, in his or her own name and with his or her own responsibility. Therefore, don't choose the easy way by giving your username and password to your replacement. Always prefer a substitute system that emphasizes the confidentiality and security of your data.

In Adfinity, everything is done to make it easy to set up a secure process: you only have one option to tick. This way, you will not be tempted to share your passwords.

In a nutshell, a good back-up management is not always easy to set up but is the key to a good holiday.

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