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How EASI can become an extension of your IT team

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Justin Joly
Adfinity Consultant

What is Co-Sourcing collaboration mode? Find out how EASI can become an extension of your business. All this in order to help you cover your "IT-related" needs in a professional manner. By means of the Co-Sourcing contract, EASI aims to become an extension of your business.

All this in order to help you cover your "IT-related needs" in a professional manner.

Through this contract, you can either decide to entrust us with the management of your IT department or to use our skills instead in "support" mode (on top of the resources you already have in-house).

There are 5 key points in the Co-Sourcing contract. Naturally, a multitude of other benefits can be added to these 5 key points.

The 5 key points of Co-Sourcing

1. Flexibility

Through the Co-Sourcing contract, you have the option of calling upon numerous skills of very different styles.

These can be split into two broad groups.

  • First of all, "IT Governance", this type of support allows you to optimize and improve the organizational functioning of your IT department.
  • Secondly, "Services Catalogs" takes over the more "technical" consultancy services.

These can be of two types: “infrastructure” (engineers and “systems” skills, etc.) and “applications” (applicative, technical and functional consultancy, etc.).

2. Skills`

When opting for this mode of collaboration, EASI will provide you with the most suitable profile according to the issue to be managed.
In a world where the development of information technology is more and more complex, it is becoming tricky for one person to effectively respond to the challenges of the modern organization on their own.

Thanks to Co-sourcing and with the help of your project manager, we will allocate you, within our capabilities, the consultant best able to take charge of your project.

As a result, you will be able to benefit from the services and advice of genuine certified specialists.

3. Proactivity & Responsiveness

As part of Co-Sourcing, EASI will as a consequence become an extension of your IT team/department. It goes without saying that the balance between proactivity and responsiveness is the secret to obtaining efficiency within an IT department.

Co-Sourcing will also be no exception. Indeed, it will be our duty to proactively offer you solutions/avenues.

The main goals of these will be to streamline and optimise the efficiency of your IT organisation, but also your more global organisation.

These avenues will relate as much to reflections concerning the technical evolution of your environment as to the strategic evolutions in phase with the business objectives of your organization, in the short, medium and long term.

This objective of proactivity can naturally be facilitated by the activation of services such as monitoring.

So-called “responsive” interventions are also of the utmost importance for:

  • Resolving unexpected problems
  • Answering new questions
  • Providing support to users
  • Helping you in the event of too much workload

By default, the responsiveness offered by EASI is the "Standard Best Effort". It is worth noting that there is also the option of guaranteeing even higher responsiveness by activating an SLA type option. (Service Level Agreement)

4. Hotline & Extranet

As well as the services of specialists, your business can call on, within the context of Co-Sourcing, the support of our MyConnect team.

Whatever the event, expected or unexpected, you are hence assured of quickly having a high-quality contact person at your disposal to help you solve an issue or make an initial diagnosis.
That's why the customer is the primary beneficiary of this, in terms of responsiveness and from a budgetary point of view.

With the Co-Sourcing contract, you automatically benefit from access to our extranet, a very effective means of communication in interaction between our respective teams.

This is because through this tool, you will mainly have the option, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to:

  • Create requests for assistance ("tickets")
  • Follow the management and evolution of these assistance requests
  • Consult all documentation relating to your IT environment in real time

In addition to this Extranet principle, you are of course always free to use more "conventional" means of communication, such as telephone and email. Centralized access points are also provided for this purpose and will be communicated to you from the beginning of the collaboration.

5. Responsibility & Pricing

In the context of the Co-Sourcing collaboration mode, final responsibility is shared between the customer and EASI.
As a result, we will discuss obligation of conduct. Since, even if "governance type" collaboration mode is in play, EASI undertakes to put all means at its disposal to achieve the successful completion of a project or to solve an issue that may arise unexpectedly.

In addition, involvement by an EASI consultant in the context of Co-Sourcing always takes place with the prior agreement of the client. The latter can be triggered either “preventively” or “responsively”.

The volume of a Co-Sourcing contract is expressed in “number of days per year” (in multiples of 12 days). This is an estimate, which provides the option of lower or higher usage.

Since, if certain days are not used, the balance of unused days is carried over to the first half of the following year. Otherwise, during a period of higher consumption, a corrective invoice is sent (at the daily rate of the current contract). It is important to note that the Co-Sourcing collaboration mode results in an annual contract, with a minimum duration of 3 years.

The proposed rate is a daily rate, with travel expenses included. Depending on the number of days of your Co-Sourcing, you benefit from a more advantageous hourly rate.

If you are interested in the Co-Sourcing collaboration mode, feel free to contact your EASI project manager. We will be happy to answer all your questions and clarify any aspect of this mode of collaboration.

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