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Internet Explorer End of Support in your Adfinity Web Access application

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Harvey Meunier
Software Developer, EASI

For a number of reasons, EASI has decided to discontinue support for Internet Explorer in the next version of Web Access. We explain why and offer you a solution in this article.

Since 1995, Internet Explorer (IE) has been installed by default on all Windows systems. For most of us, Internet Explorer was the first browser to show us the wonders of the World Wide Web.

In 2004 alone, 91% of users worldwide were using Internet Explorer. It is therefore logical that many companies have welcomed this browser among their installations and solutions.

Over time, however, other competitors have come on the scene: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc. Internet Explorer has seen its following increasingly drop to the point where it accounts for just 1.6% of global usage today.


With the arrival of Windows 10, Internet Explorer has made way for its big brother Edge, which is now the default application for all future Windows.

With its replacement having been finalised, Internet Explorer no longer benefits from updates, and software that is becoming less and less efficient and reliable for its established users has been allowed to drift.

Among our clients, there are still a few users who have yet to take the plunge.

Despite its numerous technical shortcomings, our applications have accordingly had to remain compatible with this browser, something which has nowadays become a considerable technical barrier preventing our applications from upgrading and remaining reliable.

That's why, for its next version of Adfinity Web Access (1.7.1), EASI has decided to no longer support Internet Explorer.

Here are the arguments that have helped us to come to this decision.

Security issues

The use of Internet Explorer in a professional context becomes critical. In addition to the absence of certain security principles, Internet Explorer has many major security holes.

Internet Explorer does receive a number of minor fixes where they address some of these flaws, but updates are no longer regular enough and it can take several months before any flaw that is discovered is fixed.

Hence, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to provide our clients with a sound and secure application with this browser.

A compatibility browser that is becoming a technical barrier

In February 2019, Microsoft published a blog entitled "The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser".

This blog post explains that Internet Explorer no longer supports new web standards and that the browser is becoming more of a compatibility solution for existing applications.

This explains why you can have different visual interfaces on Internet Explorer.

As a result, it is becoming more and more difficult for us to provide users with an advanced and efficient interface while exploiting the latest optimised technologies.

With user-friendliness having such an important role in the use of WEB software, it seems consistent to us to continue working on our application by using the latest upgradability in order to offer you the best possible accounting application.

Would you like to take the plunge and use a different browser?

It's very simple, you can continue to use "Microsoft" using the latest version of Microsoft Edge. It is installed by default on your computer. In addition, you can adopt one of the many browsers available such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari to name only the most well-known.

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