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Makeover for the Web Access menu

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Angelo Ciliberto
Software Developer

Tired of seeing the same old application menu at the top of your web pages? That's great, come discover its new format in the new version of Adfinity 1.6!

In its new 1.6 version, Adfinity Web Access offers a total overhaul of its menu to provide its users with a customised and user-friendly experience.

Putting data back at the heart of the application

The objective of a business application is to provide its users with adequate and clearly presented information. That's why Adfinity's Web Access menu now comes in the form of a sidebar. This maximises the information displayed vertically on the screen.


There's no chance of you getting lost in this new display! The menu expands when you hover over to show the description of each module displayed.


A new look, but there's more!

With this new menu, a new functionality becomes a reality: the Home menu. Adfinity Web Access now allows its users to select the module that will act as the homepage after each login. The objective of this addition is to offer each client a setting that best represents their work on a day-to-day basis.

On second thoughts, would you prefer to get to your activities for the day instead of the purchasing module? No problem, just hover over the menu and click on the star icon next to the desired module to change your settings.

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