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Stock management made easier than ever with PDAs

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Manon Missotten

Not sure how PDAs can contribute to better stock management? Then allow me to tell you in this article how a simple pass with a device the size of a smartphone can have huge benefits.


I can already hear you sighing with the mention of the word 'inventory'. You’re immediately thinking of lengthy paper lists, hours spent in the warehouse, frustration at not finding the right product etc. All this has become a thing of the past with the introduction of PDAs. By simply scanning the product and location and entering the actual quantity, this data can be immediately forwarded to Adfinity. But what about a stock count in a basement without coverage, I hear you say. Even then there’s no hassle. As soon as a connection can be made, synchronisation will take place.

Stock transfer

Here, too, the use of PDAs guarantees efficiency and overview. There is no requirement to make manual adjustments to the program, and you always know where certain products are located. Suppose a lab assistant discovers that a certain product is better kept in the refrigerator instead of in the cellar. All the lab assistant has to do is scan the product, the current location and the new location and our system takes care of the rest.

Stock in / out

The user-friendliness of PDAs makes it extremely easy to take products in and out of stock. This could help you to dispense with the need to have a fixed employee carrying out continuous stock management. From now on, anybody can just scan the product required with a simple pass and take it with them.

Internal orders

Internal orders can be processed efficiently. The PDA displays which products have been ordered and may consequently be taken from stock. But what happens when using lot numbers? Well, the PDA will always notify you when there is still a product in stock with an older lot number. This reduces the risk of older products being forgotten in stock, helping to prevent expiry. Hence, PDAs not only contribute to efficient stock management, but also to sustainability.


Finally, PDAs also support efficient stock management through the Kanban method. If there is a shortage of stock, the warehouse assistant only has to submit a replenishment request via his PDA. This makes it easy to maintain stock levels.


Yes, you have heard it right, stock management has never been easier! Besides time savings and sustainability, PDAs also offer tremendous user-friendliness. This makes them great to work with, while they ensure that stock is kept up to date at all times and that correct stock data is provided.

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