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The key factors for optimal management of your buildings portfolio with Adfinity

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Maarten Nelissen

The way in which a company manages its real estate portfolio can be crucial. That's why it is advisable to use a management tool for the optimization of management and data. In this article, you will find an overview of the key factors that could contribute to optimal management of the real estate portfolio.

There are several factors that can play a major role in optimal management of the real estate portfolio. As a property manager with an extensive portfolio, you will therefore want to register all your data centrally in order to be able to retrieve real-time reports and internal records at any time. By using a tool such as Adfinity, you can keep track of your data and combine it with your daily bookkeeping. You can then request various KPIs based on this data. These KPIs will provide a clear overview of the state of your company.

Keep an overview

Firstly, it is extremely important to maintain an overview of the buildings that are effectively in your company's management or portfolio. By means of the combination with the analytical accounting, a retrieval can be made at any time in relation to the profitability per unit.

Subsequently, as the manager, you also need an overview of the actual tenants in terms of occupancy per unit. By entering the presences or vacancies per unit, there is a clear overview of the units that may or may not be occupied. On this basis, the manager can then retrieve the vacancy per unit in real time via various reports.

Monthly commissions 

In theory, the tenant will be paying monthly or non-monthly fees or a fixed cost for the consumption of its utilities through contractual provisions. Based on the occupancy of the units by the tenants, the manager will therefore need allocation keys to fix the share of the common charges by means of quotients. In combination with the analytical accounting, cost settlements can then be retrieved centrally per tenant. These can be sent to the tenants at the desired periodic intervals. On the basis of such a settlement, the difference between monthly fees and the actual charges consumed can be invoiced and sent to the tenant concerned.

Management optimization

Since the agreement between the manager and the tenant is documented on the basis of contractual provisions, as a property manager you also want a clear overview of this. By formalizing the details per contract, there are various options for optimizing management. This allows you to use various additional tools at regular intervals, such as the monthly rental retrievals, automation of the index change letter, automation of the OGM (transfer with structured communication) number based on the contract number and much more.

Optimizing the management of your real estate portfolio can therefore be crucial and help determine the success of your company. With the current developments in the business world, data is also becoming increasingly important. In conclusion, it could certainly be worth considering centering the data involved in the management of your real estate portfolio in an ERP. Accordingly, the tool you choose will be particularly important.

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