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Welcome Adfinity v1.6!

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Nicolas Ragno
Product Manager

One of the best things about Adfinity? It keeps evolving. To increase the satisfaction of our customers our developers and consultants worked together on some impressive feature improvements. Check it out.

New features for the win

One of the biggest reasons why people change their accounting software is because the old one is not evolving anymore. Adfinity hears you. With feature in place to get direct feedback from users, we are able to lift our software to the next level.

6 highlights

In this version there are a lot of cool improvements. Since it is our version 1.6, we have decided to highlight 6 things. If you are interested in this specific feature, you can click on the link to the corresponding blog article that will explain a bit more in-depth how it works and how it looks.

1. A history with all your financial statements

Adfinity already integrated your financial statements directly on the right allocations and carried out the reconciliations automatically. So what is new? From now on it is possible to view your complete flow as well as the recognition criteria for each transaction.

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2. A new design

The previous version already brought some improvements, but this time we invested a lot of energy in the readability of our application.

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3. Excel Add-in

This neat extra will allow you to easily and intuitively create reports directly linked to your Adfinity database. It is possible to export data from Adfinity to an Excel file and in addition, you will be able to make changes directly from Excel to Adfinity!

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4. Budget requests in Web Access

It has surely happened to you. You wanted to enter a purchase requisition but it was blocked due to a budget overrun. Well the budget requests have arrived to our Web Access and this module is now integrated with existing purchase functionalities.

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5. A renewed menu for the Web Access

We’ve put our data back in the center of the application. Thanks to a newly developed web menu the information is now visible in the form of a sidebar. The bonus? Thanks to this sidebar you will be able to maximize the info displayed on your screen. Interested to see what it looks like?

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6. Improved document creation

Remember when you were losing time on reverse searches? That moment when you had the supplier reference number in front of you but you didn’t remember the name of the article? Those days are over.

Thanks to the feature: search by referencing, you will be able to look for an article on its reference AND on its product code. The new packaging feature allows you to automatically order the right product with the same supplier. Of what did you think about our generic feature. Ideal if you don’t want to keep all small items for office supplies up to date for each small supplier.

This feature will give you the flexibility you need in your restrictive SEO encoding, all you will have to do is change the price and the description of the item and that's it. Ready to discover it?

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