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Welcome to Adfinity v1.7 !

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Nicolas Ragno
Product Manager

Adfinity 1.7 is already here! Discover in this overview article the major improvements available in this new version. Our software continues to evolve and reinvent itself. We are convinced that all these new features will make your life as user much easier.

Constantly evolving software

Why do users decide to switch accounting software? It is generally because of the lack of evolution and innovation. This is why we allow our users to give their opinion on the software directly in the application. This information can then be integrated into our roadmap and our customers can be sure that all their comments go directly to the right people. Thanks to the feedback from our customers, we have made your software even more efficient.

3 revolutions

Several major improvements and changes have been made in this new version of Adfinity. In the following article, we have decided to focus on 3 key elements. If you are interested in a particular feature, the links below will take you directly to the corresponding blog article.

1. Cockpit : get an overview of your indicators

In this new version, Adfinity allows you to visualize in one click all the indicators that are essential for your activity. More than a simple dashboard, this new module can be modified as you wish. Thanks to "Cockpit", you can easily highlight the data that are essential to the daily management of your business.

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2. GS1 in Mobile Stock Manager

This year, we wanted to make it possible to detect supplier barcodes in Adfinity Mobile Stock Manager. Thanks to this new module, scanning and receiving goods becomes child's play.

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3. Verification of withholding obligations is now automatic

If you are active in the construction industry, you will be pleased to know that the verification of withholding obligations is now done automatically in the new version of Adfinity. Also, you no longer need to be a member of the Construction Confederation.

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