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3 reasons why an IBM Power environment works well in Cloud2be

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Gilles Vanhal
Sales Engineer, EASI

In this article I'll explain the 3 most important reasons why we see clients move their IBM Power environments to our Cloud2be solution.

Some time ago, during a conversation about infrastructure and cloud, I got the question of why people move to Cloud2be for their IBM Power environment. This got me thinking and I have found that there are 3 clear use cases of Cloud2be for Power.

1) Production

The first and most common reason for companies who want to run their Power workloads in Cloud2be is the production. Whether it's AIX, IBM i or Linux on Power, applications are no longer restricted to on-premise. We help our clients build a full or hybrid cloud environment with the ability to host their applications in Cloud2be.

2) Disaster recovery

The second reason is mainly focused around Disaster Recovery (DR). Power clients who want to avoid the expense of building their own data center for DR, can add geo-diversity, cloud flexibility and profit of the value of EASI's disaster recovery offering. On top of that, it releases them of the burden to maintain a second data center and the hardware located in, it which also implies staffing costs.

3) Consultation

The third and possible the one of the most convincing reasons is the option to store old data in cloud2be that can be consulted easily afterwards.

This solution is a good fit for businesses who have moved on to a new ERP system. Very often these companies will have Legacy AS/400 based ERP data that - for legal reasons - needs to be accessible over the longer term.

It will not be consulted often, but keeping their Legacy AS/400 Applications and Data online in house can be a distraction for their staff, and a drain on their internal resources.

Nonetheless, companies need to keep this data for legal reasons for 2 or sometimes even up to 7 years. EASI therefore offers to store this passive data and make it available for consultation when needed.

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