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Have you ever thought about outsourcing your backup?

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Antoine Delcommune
Sales representative

The ever-increasing volume of data has become a strategic issue for every company. Indeed, your data capital, which must now be valorized, represents a sensitive and rich heritage over the long term. Therefore, it must be secured as much as possible!

Backup outsourcing is an operation that consists of duplicating and securing your company's computer data by storing it in a space located in an independent computer room. It is therefore advisable to entrust the management of backups to an IT partner. It is a very simple way to secure your data without having to allocate human resources.

Not only that, but it is therefore important to define an effective data protection strategy:

  • Copy and store your data on a 2nd site,
  • Copy your data in the cloud,
  • Check your backups by testing them continuously.

Why is it important to have a backup in the cloud?

1. Data recovery in case of disaster or loss

The main advantage of outsourced backup is the ability to protect against any type of incident that may occur in your own computer room. Because the data has been duplicated elsewhere, you are guaranteed to be able to recover it, even in the event of an incident!

2. Business continuity

By outsourcing your backup, you limit the downtime of your IT environment, in case of an incident, and therefore the impact on your business. Thanks to the outsourced backup, you will be able to restore all or part of your data. The duration of the restoration will depend on the available bandwidth and on the options offered by your service provider (SLA, sending the data on site, etc.). This is an important point to discuss before signing any outsourcing contract.

3. Data security

By entrusting your data to a trusted provider, you guarantee their security. Most providers, such as EASI, offer encryption, which protects you from any malicious attack.

4. Automation of the backup

With outsourced backup, you no longer need to think about making regular backups, because they are fully automated. You avoid the risks associated with human handling.

Why have a backup at EASI?

Our solutions are hosted in Belgium in our secure cloud (ISO 27001 certified).

graph Safe2be

Our remote computer backup services, allow our customers to win in terms of :

  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Time
  • Durability
  • Return on investment

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