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HMC V9R1 Roadmap

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Danny Simon
Executive System Engineer, EASI

Wondering what the roadmap of HCM V9R1 will bring? Well the end is near. The future? That's up to the vHMC and HMC on PPC.

What do we know today? The new Power systems 9009-41G, 9009-42G....will ship with firmware 950.

To support this, the HMC needs to be minimum in V9R2_xxx. Remember that the only x86 supporting this new version is a vHMC. The future for the HMC appliance (HW) will be the HMC PPC only.

Schermafbeelding 2021-04-09 om 23.17.00

V9R1_xxx will be end of support in 2021. Be prepared !

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