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Watchlist: The way to know how your company is seen by hackers!

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Maxime Lamarche
Technical Engineer, EASI

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and the increase of home working, IT Security has become a real concern for companies. A lot of information about your company, your employees... is available on the Internet but also and most importantly on the DarkWeb.

Based on this information, hackers evaluate your public exposure, which will be used to define who is an easy targets.

Don't let yourself be blinded and be aware of what information your company, your colleagues or your applications leak to the public!

What is Watchlist? 

With Watchlist, you will get a better view of potential threats, which will help you reduce the attack footprint.

  • Be alerted when a new vulnerability is detected and publicly referenced online.
  • Get an overview of your assets and all the linked information.
  • Detect if you have exposed IOT devices (CCTV, Cameras, Digital screens, sensors …)
  • Discover what’s behind your public IP addresses.
  • Be alerted as soon as one of your employees' account has been referenced inside a security breach.
  • Get a simplified report with an action plan to reduce the risk.
  • etc.

How do I get Watchlist?

If you are interested in our new solution and you want to know more, you'll find all the information & pricing here.

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The more they know about you, the greater the risk. Don't let yourself become an easy target. Nor should you wait to be under attack to react!

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