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5 great new features of SmartSales v3.9.

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David Fortpied
Expert Business Consultant

Good news, the new version of SmartSales (v3.9.) will be available on 25/07. So, a little more patience before the release of this long-awaited update that will surely delight many of you. In this blog post, I'll walk you through the five most significant new features of this new version. 

1. Keep an eye on your objectives

This new feature allows you to define goals and accurately track the activity of your sales representatives. Of course, the goals you define can either be customer or product specific.

Also, this new feature allows you to track orders, offers, form activity as well as calendar entries at a specific time.

Unlike an Excel file, the data is automatically updated, which allows you to easily follow the progress of the defined objectives without worrying about the veracity of the information. 


2. Place orders on Android

Dear Android users, this is the feature you've been waiting for. The updated version of SmartSales will now allow you to place orders from the catalog on Android devices.

PS_9 (4)

3. Add your colleagues' calendars 

This function already available on tablets is now also offered on the Web Manager

Display calendar entries of your colleagues in the planner mode (day/week/year view). This handy new feature will allow you to get an overview of your colleagues' agenda and, of course, easily plan meetings with them.

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Planner view

Sans titreDay view

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Week view

4. Duplicate form responses

You'll now have the ability to create a new visit survey from an existing survey.

Let's take an example: John is a salesman and regularly visits his customers to have them fill out a visit report with approximately 60 questions. The answers John receives from his customers are almost always the same. Therefore, instead of answering all these questions all over again, he can now copy the previous questionnaire and only modify the elements that need to be changed. How convenient is that?

PS_9 (2)-1

5. Enjoy an enhanced user experience on your smartphone

This new version also includes some improvements to the smartphone interface (positioning of notification buttons, sending PDFs, etc.)

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