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SmartSales v3.10: here's what's new

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Jérémy Stenuit
Graphic Design Advisor, EASI

Updates to our SmartSales application come one after the other, but are not the same. With each update, we pay particular attention to the efficiency and user-friendliness of our tool. This update is no exception. In this article, I will introduce to 5 major features that will be changing for you in the Web Manager.

1) New menu structure

We have added new sections (Clients, Orders, etc.) in the menu, in order to structure the different modules and help you find them at a glance.

SmartSales print screen 7 (1)

2) Redesign of lists

The design of the various lists: Clients, Catalogue, Orders and Offers, etc. has been completely revised.

Screens are now  clearer and easier to read. We have also adjusted the buttons and their colours to make them more  consistent and modern.

SmartSales print screen 2

SmartSales print screen 3

SmartSales print screen 4

 3) Improved user experience for grouped actions

 When you are in a list, this new feature allows you to select several items see the possible actions to be performed straight away.

In the previous version of the application, actions were hidden in a drop-down menu.

This adjustment makes actions directly visible and the application much more intuitive.

SmartSales print screen 7

4) New map view

While the previous version of SmartSales only used geographical data (latitude and longitude) to indicate the position of your clients and prospects, the new update includes a map view that redirects you to Google Maps

An asset from a visual point of view and user-friendliness. Also, useful for estimating travel time.

In addition, there is now a more attractive "display" mode, as well as an "edit" mode that allows you to adjust data if necessary.

SmartSales print screen 6

5) Updating files

In the interests of readability and user-friendlines, the design of all our files (documents, client files, contacts, products, etc.) has been revised. 

SmartSales print screen 7

A little more patience

The new version of SmartSales v3.10. will be available from 13/10/2021.

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