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Step 4: Start the journey to Micro-Segmentation

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Dirk Slechten
Executive System Engineer, EASI

Micro-Segmentation you said? What is that?

Let me explain this by an example that everyone understands. In legacy IT Environments we protected the environment in the same way as a castle was protected. A castle was protected by a canal, a drawbridge, a gate, and some guards. Once passed the gate and guards, you can freely walk around in the castle. In legacy IT Environments, this is the concept of perimeter firewall. All Traffic going from external to internal is called North-South Traffic.

Often we are attacked from the inside, the famous Trojan horse. Once inside, the attacker has the freedom to walk around and do damage where he wants. In a server environment, there is a lot of communication between servers. This traffic is called East-West Traffic.

In modern IT Environments, the concept of Hotel Security is put in place. A person can walk up to the reception, he will get a badge and with this badge, he can activate the elevator to the floor of where is room is located and only open his room. All this East-West traffic can also be protected by simply placing a firewall around the virtual machine. In a VMware Environment, this can be done by working with VMware NSX.


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