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Step by step to the e-invoicing with Adfinity & Digiteal

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Vinciane Delvaux
Marketing Officer, EASI

Adfinity is now integrated with Digiteal, payment and e-invoicing solution.


Never heard about Digiteal? The purpose is great : simplifying all the process linked to invoicing management.

As a consumer, you receive invoices in this app and you can then manage them very quickly.

As an invoicing company, you will be able to go step by step to the dematerialization of invoices and help the consumers to forget paper invoices.

Step by Step

The system is designed to accompany the consumers to digitalisation.
At first, they continue to receive paper bills. Their habits do not change.

On the bill, a banner invites the consumers to download the application and to scan the QR code on that same paper invoice. This prepare directly the payment. The consumers do not have to encode the recepient, the amount, the bank account or the VCS code for the structured communication.

Once the concept is adopted, the consumers do not receive the paper bill anymore. They only receive it in a digital way.

There are many gains for the consumers :

  • time saving during the payment ;
  • no encoding errors anymore ;
  • advanced payment management while keeping control ;
  • invoices centralization ;
  • and finally, a gain for the planet

How does it work ?

With Adfinity as an bill issuers, you can print your invoices with the banner :

  • that contains the QR code - smart - to simplify the payment
  • and that invites the consumers to connect with Digiteal

The consumers can then connect and pay in one click. Next time, those consumers will receive their bills in an electronic format... and that's it!

Three questions, one answer

You don't want to upset your clients with the digital transformation?
You are looking for a user-friendly solution?
You want to motivate your consumers by bringing them an added-value in the dematerialisation process?

Then the collaboration between Adfinity & Digiteal is made for you!

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