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Suspicion of fraude ? EASI can track your data !

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Herman Clicq
Marketing Supervisor, EASI

A client fed back to me the fact that their internal auditor would like to see all the modifications made on their supplier bank account data in order to ensure that there had not been any fraud. How could I achieve this in Adfinity?

There is an option in Adfinity which can be activated to track the modification and/or deletion of sensitive data from the database. These features are available through 2 different programs. Deletion tracking will be available through the file management program (WRKFIL) which lists all of the tables from the Adfinity' database. Using the history recording program (WRKHIS), you can configure where you would like to track modifications.

In order to avoid pointless disk space consumption, it is possible to target traceability on one field from a particular form. For example, I would like only to trace modifications on the IBAN account. All I need to do is to encode the name of this field in the history recording program and that's all there is to it!

Your consultant can help you produce an efficient and optimised configuration from the point of view of disk space consumption on your server.

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