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Task management in the accounting department

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Gaetan Bersanelli
Sales Engineer, EASI

These days, efficient, effective collaboration via information systems within a company appears to be a vital key to its smooth running, both internally and externally.  This collaborative philosophy is embedded in each and every function of our accounts and finance management software, Adfinity.

For several years, Adfinity has offered a task management module in its rich client. Today, EASI is going one step further. From now on, this advanced function will also be available via our online platform. This tool is clearly a real asset when it comes to collaboration, and it is fully integrated in Adfinity’s rich client.


Among other things, task management allows you to plan the work of the employees in the company and oversee follow-ups sorted by manager. The goal was to make collaboration easier and smoother by increasing visibility and follow-ups for all kinds of tasks. 

Now, employees will be able to create different kinds of tasks that have already been defined on the platform. This offers all sorts of possibilities. Some of the actual examples already used include the option to submit budget requests, create stock items or new suppliers, a new analytical dimension... So what are the limits in terms of usefulness? There aren’t any! The kinds of tasks possible and conceivable are infinite.

In practice, this “ticketing tool” allows all online users to submit various requests to the accounts department. 

Let’s imagine that a user wants to submit a request to buy an item that isn’t already in the current table, from a supplier that does not exist. No need to call the purchasing department anymore, or send emails to create the relevant information! The user creates a ticket by filling in a series of fields and, if necessary, leaving a comment for the person in charge. A notification will then be sent to the person nominated to complete these task. In response, that person will, in turn, have the option to add text comments as well as attachments to have a conversation with the person making the request, as shown in the screenshot below.


The fields to be completed include:

  • a heading 
  • a type of activity 
  • a manager
  • a date
  • a priority 
  • a status
  • etc.

Depending on the type of activity, you will be able to provide a whole range of details. The various text fields (name of the item, supplier, reference etc.) can also be configured from the rich client and activated for each type of task, via a screen similar to the one below.



When the user decides to create a new task online, all the configured text fields will be shown and must be completed. 
Thanks to online task management, your employees will benefit from significant time savings, improved follow-ups, greater visibility and simplified, effective organisation every day.

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