The 177 new features in Adfinity V1.2

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Nicolas Vernieuwe
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Adfinity never rests on its laurels! An upgrade, 177 improvements and a whole host of new features. Discover all the secrets of the latest version here.


This new module marks a major turning point in the application. The forward march of technology touches everything – and accountancy is no exception. New functionalities working for users are now available in the app.

The purpose of these tools is to automate and cater for repetitive accounting tasks. The home screen summarises the actions carried out automatically. This is a revolution in the proactive role of accounting software. As a result, your users can now concentrate on checking transactions and carrying out tasks with high added value.

Here’s a quick glimpse at the impact of the robotisation module:

  • Import of account statements
  • Preparation of batches of supplier payments
  • Automatic reconciliation of invoices with purchase orders
  • Preparation of VAT returns
  • Preparation of closing/reopening entries
  • Commercial documents sent by e-mail (purchase orders, invoices, etc.)
  • Automatic restocking proposals (stock)
  • Contract invoicing
  • Reports (printing & export of the Ledger Excel files, balance sheets, etc.)

Make it easy for your customers to pay you

The integration of Digiteal with Adfinity enables you to display an intelligent QR code on your customer invoices. The consumer can then connect and pay the invoice in a single click. Interested? Read this


 Identify your various environments more easily

Many EASI customers manage several legal companies or environments using Adfinity. Browsing between these environments has now been made easier because you can specify a particular colour, logo and/or description in the main banner for the application.

This makes it easy for you to identify your various companies and any test environments.


And plenty of other good surprises, too…

  • When closing an accounting period, you can allow analytical charges to be modified.
  • Users of the Web platform are not put off by the appearance of an entry prompt (suggestions directly in the encoding field) in the whole application, which in turn promotes optimum flow.


  • Invoice details can now be viewed from the budget consultation Web screen


  • Multi-environment consultation is now available in the screen for viewing commercial movements (purchase orders, invoices, etc.).
  • You will be able to manage and track your supplier price requests. When entering a purchase, you can select the suppliers to which a request will be sent.
  • etc.

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