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The Journey to a Secure Environment: Step 1

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Dirk Slechten
Executive System Engineer, EASI

How to start the journey to a secure environment for non-IT organisations? It only takes a few steps.

Step 1: Protect your IT environment as you would protect your home: Install a Burglar Alarm.

Attacks to your IT environment often go unnoticed or take a very long time to get discovered. Hackers try to break in into switches, servers firewalls and all this will generate security events on your servers. To analyze these logs on a daily basis is humanly impossible.

Automated notifications

The analysis of these logs can be automated by sending the logs of your servers, switches, firewalls to a centralized logging system. Smart alerts can then be created, based on specific keywords found in the events. When someone tries to manipulate your systems, you will get notified! This is the same concept as the police that automatically gets notified when someone tries to break into your home. 

GDPR compliancy

The second added value of this tool is that it also keeps all information regarding access. If you need to know who did what on which date, you can easily find this information. This will help companies certainly on their way to be GDPR compliant.

Deep analysis

The third added value of this tool is that it will help the IT department to analyze and troubleshoot much faster. Since all logs of several servers are forwarded to this tool, you can correlate events and observe certain trends or abnormal behavior much faster.

VMWare Log Insight Tool

EASI works with the VMware Log Insight Tool. Each customer who has standard VMware license is entitled to a VMware Log Insight appliance for 25 devices. This is already a very good start to discover the power of this tool. The licensed version comes with many pre-pared dashboards, for example, Veeam, F5, Arista Networks, Lenovo, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, Apache, Tomcat VMware VSAN, VMware vCenter, Linux and many more. 

Ask you security consultant for more detailed information.

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