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The Journey to a Secure Environment: Step 2

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Dirk Slechten
Executive System Engineer, EASI

Every week, new security vulnerabilities get discovered. Scanning the perimeter will give you a report of your environment against these vulnerabilities.

Scanning the perimeter can be compared to a security officer walking around the building and verifying if all doors and windows are properly closed. In case of broken lock, window, a pro-active action can be launched.

EASI works with the tools Qualys & Runecast. This will give you a Vulnerability Scorecard report on which pro-active actions can be taken.

Qualys is a vulnerability scanner, which will scan your infrastructure for vulnerabilities/weaknesses. In the end, it provides you with various reports with lots of useful information such as the description of the issues and how to solve them. This will help you define your priorities and reduce security risk thanks to quick wins.


Runecast is a tool that will scan your Vmware environment against known issues, best practices and misconfigurations. By combining scanning and log collection with the repository, Runecast has a mechanism for identifying potential faults before they manifest major symptoms. Any events that correlate to a known fault will trigger a warning in the Runecast console. In this way, a potential outage can be detected way before it happens.


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