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The SmartShare App : more mobility, less stress

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Frédéric Block
Managing Partner, EASI

As you already know, the collaborative solution you’re using every day at work is also available on your mobile - iOS or Android

Documents, APM's, Contacts: available wherever you are

If some off-time is much appreciate by everybody, you also like to be available-reachable even when you're not at your desk.
Let's review some of the most interesting SmartShare features you can now enjoy where ever you want to.

Mobile emails - clear mind

  • Quickly process mails (delete duplicates, newsletters)
  • Create a patch from an email
  • Dispatching an external mail to a colleague in the form of APM

 APM at its full potential

  • Quickly add a comment
  • Quickly add an attachment
  • Notify a colleague
  • Close tasks
  • Quickly create a task to remember
  • Quickly and easily rearrange these tasks

SmartShare screenshot APM

 Stay in touch

  • Quickly find the data of a contact in order to contact him
  • Quickly find the address of a company

Screenshot SmartShare Company

 Manage these documents

  • Quickly view  a document content
  • Add a comment on a document
  • Notify a colleague of a document
  • Easily find a password (in a secure DM of course #ISO, #GDPR)
  • Take action on a workflow on a document

Screenshot SmartShare Document Management

Quick & easy

You can choose to take care of the "quick & easy " tasks in a few seconds even when you're not at the office. Less anxious about the little things, your mind is cleared and you can relax and focus on your private stuff. You simply grab your mobile, and quickly handle what's need to be.

Any question ? The EASI team is here to help.

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