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This is why you should check out the new EASI website

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Linde Declercq
Corporate Communication

EASI has a new website. I hear you thinking "That's great, but what is so special about that?" Well, let's find out and ask our very own Jérémy Stenuit.

Jérémy is a Senior Graphic Designer at EASI. If you want to know more about him and his job, you can always read his Job Focus.  

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Why did EASI need a new website?


"Before we made this new website, we had 10 different websites, all running on Drupal 7. Some were using a template, others were not."

"We decided to go for 1 multi-site running on Drupal 8. This means that from now on we will have 10 times less maintenance to do and if we create new content it only needs to be on 1 website."

Design consistency

"We had different websites using different templates. That is why we needed the whole website and products to have some design consistency. Every product will still have his own branding and colors but the structure of the pages will remain the same. This improves our UI and UX and it's easier for our website visitors." 


"This is something you need to be testing all the time. Are your users finding the information they're looking for? Are they converting on the right pages?"

"We completely changed the structure of every page and we tried to add as many call to action as possible. You will now see that every page has a description of the solution, some advantages, customer testimonials or even references, latest blog articles and a contact form."

"We really wanted to guide the visitor through the complete website and make sure that he or she will find the page they we're looking for. And hopefully they will make a conversion in the end." 


"Last but not least, we also needed to improve the responsiveness of our website. You can now enjoy browsing our website on every platform and have the same experience as you will have on desktop."

"Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites over those that are not. The end result is a nicer experience, because web browsers automatically display our content correctly on all devices".















Is your job completely done?

"No website is ever completely done. We are very interested to see how people will interact with the new website, how they will look things up, ..."

"Heat mapping, user tracking and A/B testing will guarantee the continuous improvement of this website."

"But on top of that we want to integrate the existing websites of Adfinity, SmartSales and Rooftop into this new website as well. Our next step will be to merge and rebrand the sites for those brands, so there is still a lot to do."

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