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Automated tasks? Here is our top 5

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Stijn Boonen
Sales Engineer, EASI

Accounting software can already automate a huge amount of time-consuming tasks. Our customers are also fans. Here is their top 5 of most automated tasks.

1. Reporting

By far the most popular choice: Reporting. Often a very time-consuming activity, but not with Adfinity. We elaborate on two ways that this type of task can be accelerated and automated.


You choose yourself which information is sent to which person (s) at what time.

  • Which info: examples are who are the new customers, which contracts will expire in the coming month, which budgets have already been used for 90%, which bank account numbers have been changed by whom?
  • What moment: this can be every 5 minutes, every half day, every day, every month, etc. The choice is yours
  • Which person (s): you choose which person receives which newsletter.

The time saved by these automatic newsletters is huge. As an accountant you'll be able to please a lot of people with exactly the info they want, and as a nice bonus you'll notice fewer people will disrupt your daily routine looking for information.

Excel Add In

Often the different directors (HR, Admin, Sales, Finance, etc.) want to receive a personalized report of their specialization. This naturally increases the amount of time spent, since often a time-consuming export from the accounting package has to be done to Excel. In a second tab, the correct info must then be isolated by using certain formulas. One small typo and the report is no longer correct.

Our Excel Add-in eliminates this time loss and reduces the margin of error by using formulas that directly address the Adfinity data database. Consequence: You can set up/prepare a specific format for each member of the board and you are ready. In other words, you'll turn this time-consuming exports in to a one time job.

You can even put these reports in a shared folder with a password so that you, as an accountant, no longer have to intervene. You configure the management report once and directors can then each click on their version, in which the correct figures immediately appear.

2. Reading in coda files

Another public favorite is the import of coda files. Many companies still receive those bank files on paper and then have to input them manually. By automating this, the import of the received CODA files, you as a company can let the system automatically link your payment to a transaction in your accounting. The system will do the time-consuming work for you. Afterwards you will receive an electronic overview of all imported lines with an overview of what already has been lettered automatically. You only have to deal with the exceptions. With this automation you save time and still maintain control.

3. Payments from your suppliers

The selection and calculation of payment orders can be fully automated and many of our customers happily use this service. For example, you can automatically have a selection made of the invoices to be paid every 10th of the month. The payment orders can then be created automatically. You can still launch an approval flow for sending, but as a bookkeeper you naturally retain the final check before you make the payment in Isabel.

4. VAT declarations

Automated VAT returns also save our customers a lot of time. Together with our customers we can prepare a model that, for example, will prepare your VAT returns on a daily basis. This way the declaration is up-to-date at any time and can therefore always be calculated immediately. As an accountant you can decide at any time to forward your administration to Intervat.

5. Purchase order management

Order forms are a daily reality for many organizations and companies. When I say that behind every expense they'll need to have a correct order form, I'm sure it will sound familiar to many organizations and companies. Moreover, it is not uncommon for each department to have its own flow or structure and that company wise there is no uniform way to order, follow up, report or manage things.

Fortunately, integrated within Adfinity, purchase orders can be electronically managed, which provides a wonderful clear overview and guarantees clear follow-up.

Once you create the order,  the amount is deducted from the budget. And conversely you can see per order which orders are linked to it.

In this way we avoid separate Excel forms, double entries, ...

In many companies, invoices no longer even have to be approved thanks to this system. Our integrated OCR module can recognize the number of the order form on the invoice. If the system can find the approved order form and the amount of the invoice is equal to the amount on the order form, the system can even proceed to payment immediately. Great, such an automatic 3-way match.

Other possibilities

There are of course several other automation options. Just think of budget follow-up, extensive possibilities with stock management (stock promotions, pda scanners, ...). Really, you name it. If you have any questions about this or want to explore a proposal, please do not hesitate to contact me without obligation.

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