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All you need to know about the new version of SmartSales

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Marion Descamps
Marketing Officer

The new version of SmartSales (v3.6) will be available on October the 14th.

As always, our product team has been working hard on this new version to provide you with the best user experience possible.

In this article you will find everything you need to know about the new features of SmartSales v3.6.

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Two major innovations to remember

Custom lists extension

If you have never used them before, our Customs lists allow you to save your favorite filter combinations and create custom views (with specific filters, sort settings, displayed details, ...).

Only available in the Client and Catalog modules so far, our Customs lists are now also available in the following modules:

  • The different tabs of the Client module
    • Order history
    • Planning
    • Visit report
    • Documents
    • Contacts
  • Catalog (iOS only)
  • Agenda (list mode)
  • Documents
  • Surveys

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In addition, you'll certainly be happy to know that the Custom lists now integrate perfectly with your Android and IOS phones.

User Experience improvements

Feedback from many of our users has allowed us to improve the usability of SmartSales.
Here are 5 elements that change in version 3.6.

Visit reports and surveys (on the Webmanager)
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Analyze and get a better view of the results at a glance. You will now be able to navigate more easily and quickly retrieve an accurate visit report or survey results without having to enter the survey itself.

Contacts Search
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Thanks to this improvement, we reduce the number of clicks and a lot of frustration. Indeed, you can now directly search for contacts without first entering the company name.

Backup warning (on the Webmanager)

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Never inadvertently delete unsaved changes again. SmartSales will warn you if it detects that you are about to close a window in which your last changes were not saved.

Synchronization Warning

Thanks to this feature, don't miss any more blocking or recommended synchronizations.

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Usage tips (on the Webmanager)

We have added several user tips in the Webmanager to help you better master certain SmartSales functionalities.

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