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Wannacry: how to protect from this ransomware

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Cedric Van Put
Team Manager, EASI

You have probably heard about the latest ransomware : Wannacry. Ransomware is a piece of software that encrypts all your files and asks you to pay a ransom if you want to get your data decrypted. But Wannacry brings a new feature... it can contaminate your other machines too! Previous versions of ransomware did not propagate through your network.

How to protect from Wannacry ?

  • Update your machines with the latest Microsoft patches
  • Be sure your antivirus is up to date
  • Make backups of your data every single day. If your data are encrypted, the only solution is to do a restore of your backup.
  • Think twice before opening an email!! Check if you know the sender? Is it normal that he sends you an email now? Does the email look as usual? 

To protect against Wannacry, if you cannot install the latest updates from Microsoft immediately, you can disable the SMB V1 protocol. EASI can help you to do this.

What to do if you notice an abnormal behaviour of your machine?

  • Disconnect the machine from the network (pull out the network cable and shut down your wifi connection).
  • Contact EASI so that we can help you.

You are an EASI customer with managed services for Windows ?

Breathe quietly! We have already checked that your infrastructure is protected during this weekend! :-) 

If you don't have a managed services contract you can call our MyConnect team to answer your questions and help you to take the necessary steps to get safe.

EASI can also check the quality of your backup through our BRT proposal: we will restore your backup and check if your restored environment is working. 

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