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We all have vulnerabilities! But how to address them?

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Maxime Lamarche
Technical Engineer, EASI

What is my most valuable data? Is it backed up? Is it protected? These are some questions you may have already asked yourself. But what about systems that process or store this data? Are they correctly configured? Are they vulnerable? Let's find out!

For most of us, the place where our most valuable assets are stored is our home. A long time ago, we could leave it open because theft did not exist. Unfortunately, this time is over and we all have learned to close our home before we leave it. Furthermore, most of us have alarm systems, dogs or even a grandma to watch our assets.

Nowadays, the same scenario is repeating with our digital data. This is why we also have to learn where our vulnerabilities are and how to reduce them. Hundreds of new vulnerabilities are discovered and released every day. Therefore, this verification should be performed on a recurrent basis to be as up-to-date as possible!

Regularly scanning your network will allow you to fill the gap of a security breach as quickly as possible. This will reduce the time during which hackers can try to exploit the breach mitigate the risk linked to this weakness.

You might think this is all too theoretical here?

The tool used by EASI recently discovered a vulnerability called "Cisco ASA Remote Code Execution and Denial Of Service vulnerability (CVE-2018-0101)" . It got patched as soon as possible to reduce the impact on the business.

EASI can help you by providing you regular vulnerabilities scan of your infrastructure. I know what is in your mind right now (No, I'm not a seer...). Thanks EASI, but what makes the difference between EASI and other competitors? As always, Added Value!

We do not only provide you with vulnerability scans but we will also interpret gathered data, classify it depending on your business plan and give you recommendations based on your priorities and budget. Finally, we will guide you during this whole recurring process to lead you to the right path.

You are interested to have a secure and regularly reviewed environment without having to do it yourself, we can provide you Vulnerability Scan as a Service (VaaS)! We perform the tasks described above and give you an overview of the required actions to mitigate the risks based on your business. Your only job is to take the decision, whether you take that risk or not. And this, dynamically!

For those who don't need assistance because they have internal security IT experts, no fears. We can also help you by providing you vulnerability scan licenses to develop your own security review process.

Don't let malicious people win, act now!

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