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Welcome the new SmartSales v2.2

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David Fortpied
Expert Business Consultant

On May 8th,the latest version (v2.2) of SmartSales will be released. In January, the SmartSales v2 was launched with a bunch of new functionalities (development from scratch of a collaboration chat-module and planning module and strong improvement of the web manager). On 08/05/19, v2.2 will be released. The objective? Getting always closer of our users' needs and continuously improve their experience.

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What's in it for the users?

Collaboration all around

Chat-module was previously limited to surveys and visit reports. As announced in a previous blog article, the SmartSales product team decided to extend the chat to other modules for v2.2: clients' documents, products catalog, events, order history,... . This will allow users to collaborate and communicate together even more easily than before. 

Comment on task 

One single view for the whole year

The (young) planning module, launched only a few weeks ago with v2, has also gone through some changes. Users will now be able to get a full overview of their year in one single view. Perfect for users to plan meetings and manage work efficiently. 

Yearly view

Finding clients in a flash thanks to new filtering fields

It is obviously highly important for sales rep to get easy access to their clients' details. The filtering tool has been reviewed and v2.2 sees new fields appearing. It is, for example, possible to find clients based on their turnovers or on their opening hours. 


Catalog editing via web manager

Bye bye CSV files to manage catalog: from now on, users can edit their product information and change illustrations directly through the web manager. Way easier and intuitive than before!

Catalog Edit2

 What's next? 

Our amazing product team is working hard on two functionalities:

  • Dashboard and Analytics will be improved: users will be able to design tailor-made graphs and view them and the dashboard.
  • Survey module will also offer more flexibility to users: it will be possible to manage them step by step, to include other languages, ...

Stay tuned!

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