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What about your maintenance?

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Glenn Viane
Sales Representative

Lockdown-light is a fact, so what about maintenance? Well, here is an update about the point of view from our main constructors and their best practices.

What happens when you face problems

The actual context doesn’t make it easy, but by now most companies found their way to continue activities. For businesses who are still allowed to do business, life goes on en so does your IT infrastructure.

But what about your maintenance contracts? What happens if you suddenly need on-site intervention of IBM, Lenovo, Dell, or any other constructor? What if a hardware failure requires a part replacement? You might wonder what to do then.

That is why I like to share some best practices.

Some best practices:

  • Check if your maintenance level is still in line with your business requirements
  • Check if you have a copy/proof of your all your maintenance contracts
  • Check if you have a clear procedure on what to do in case of incidents
    • How do I open a ticket ?
    • Is there a phone number I can use ?
    • What is the escalation process ?

Forewarned is forearmed. If you have prior knowledge of possible dangers or problems, this will give you an advantage.

Does the current situation change anything

With the actual COVID19 context, you can ask yourself “will my company benefit from the same service level as you are used to, any specific procedures to follow ?”

Our Internal Sales Team is following this closely.

Following our latest discussion with Lenovo, Dell & IBM, all confirmed that on site interventions will be maintained if needed. If any changes would occur, we will inform you ASAP.

If you have an ongoing maintenance contract with one of those brands, you should also receive (or have received) an official communication confirming this statement.


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