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What advantages does Vue.js offer?

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Jordy Houben
Software Developer

The world of web development is constantly evolving. More and more software technologies are launched to enable the build of successful applications and platforms. One of those new tools is Vue.js.

The advantages Vue.js offers as a framework

Vue.js is a lightweight framework. However, this does not mean it is only suitable for developing simple websites. Major companies like Google and Apple have already opted for Vue.js. On developing Vue.js, old frameworks that already existed at the time were studied. Developers reused all the good elements and left out the bad ones, which means Vue does not have redundant features from the past and, therefore, does not need to be backwards compatible. During development it was decided to only support modern browsers, for example. Another example is that no effort has been put into supporting old code, resulting in Vue.js applications not running on older devices, or on older versions of Internet Explorer.

The components work independently

Vue.js is an excellent tool for developing Single Page Applications (SPA)

A Single Page Application is an application or website in which components have their own state and will only reload when a change occurs, as opposed to reloading the entire page.

This improves the use of a Single Page Application and its speed, because the server load is reduced due to the fact that the data on the page do not have to reload every time. 

Vue, a perfect match with Laravel

Use Laravel and Vue.js for backend development? Yes, you certainly can, because Vue.js is part of all official Laravel projects, which means updates to both frameworks are aligned. The collaboration and integration is, therefore, optimal. Vue.js exists thanks to a community in which many people are active, both in their official Discord chat and on the forum. The number of Vue.js tags on Stack Overflow, which now stands at over 41 thousand, says it all. A real win-win result!


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