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What did 2018 bring for Adfinity?

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Vincent Corson
Expert Business Consultant

In 2018 more than 300 new functionalities and improvements were made in Adfinity. Let us highlight the 4 most important ones.

Online budget control

Thanks to this new module, various managers can monitor the status of their budget at any given time through our web interface. Via this interface they can also immediately see the details of the invoices that are linked to the expenditure, up to and including the visualization in PDF format.


Free zones in accounting

To date, invoices have been limited to general and analytical imputations and a single zone for a description. Thanks to this new functionality, you can add a multitude of fields to add all the complementary information that is useful for you. These fields also come in handy in your various reports!



Most accountants - probably you as well - have some tasks that require a lot of time although they could be performed automatically. Wouldn't it be nice if Adfinity could do those tasks for you and notify you when they are done?

Let us guess, you may think of:

  • Import bank statements
  • Preparation of lots of supplier payments
  • Link invoices to corresponding order forms
  • Preparation of the VAT return
  • Preparation of closures or reopenings
  • Send commercial documents by e-mail (order forms, invoices, ...)
  • Invoicing of contracts
  • Development of reports (print and Excel export of ledgers, balances, ...)
  • Calculations of needs and additions of stock

From now on you can plan the validation of these tasks:


Next, you choose when and with what frequency this task should be performed:


The automatic 3-way match

Adfinity can automate the entire 3-way match thanks to the following tools:

  • The OCR
  • The EDI import
  • The order forms to suppliers
  • The receipts of deliveries
  • The supplier's accounting
  • The matching

Thanks to all these features Adfinity can generate the accounting piece, automatically matched with the receipt of the goods via OCR recognition or via the EDI.

Different scenarios are possible, and remain fully within Adfinity.


To optimize this flow you can set a whole series of rules. There are many different ways (newsletters, notifications for approval, ...) to keep the various users informed of the status.

And there is more ...

  • Legal documents for France: DAS2 & FEC
  • Customizable fields for OCR (recovery of analytical information, ...)
  • Assisted coding via the web interface
  • Integration with Digiteal
  • Invoicing via PEPPOL
  • Blocking the periods per journal
  • Automatic escalation of approval for non-response from an approver
  • ...

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