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What is a SOC?

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Jean-Michel Block
Managing Partner, EASI

It happens every now and again that data leaks are reported by news agencies worldwide. This is the visible part of the iceberg where we get to know what is happening and most often what happened.

The past tense is exactly what bothers consumers because you just get to hear the news when it is basically already too late. Furthermore, hackers are the one we blame for it together with the company responsible for data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Security Operations Center

Besides the malicious hackers, also called Black-hat, who are stealing the precious data or trying to get a ransom, Security Operations Centers (SOC) also welcome every day and night, the other type of hackers, called the White-hat. A Security Operations Centre is a place where Security subject matter experts analyse threats and trends to cope with malicious code that could compromise your data.

So what does the blue and the red colors of my title have to do with this SOC?

The blue team will be responsible for monitoring and alerting security elements within companies. They anticipate threats by patching servers, switches, firewalls, applications, web services, and so forth.

The red team is composed of those not-so-evil-hackers who will act defensively and try to propose the best cure when a cybersecurity attack breaks out. No matter if the attack is directed specifically to your company or happening worldwide. Those White-Hats will collaborate with famous security vendors who are dedicated to finding a cure.

Their presence within the SOC and next to the blue team colleagues makes sure the energy is well spent and the communication and call-to-action takes place swiftly. Once the antidote is found by the red team, they will help the blue team rolling out the ad hoc action plan and this is ideally happening in a matter of hours if not minutes.

Remember the sooner the cure is found the safest the companies are and end customers serviced by those companies.
So, next time you hear about SOC, red and blue team, you will know what impact they might have in your connected world.


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