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When Nivelles feels like New-York

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Florence Cooreman
Corporate communication

Since a few weeks, we get international vibes when entering the office. We are hosting an exclusive New-York photography exhibition of Lindsay Zebier. As we work day after day surrounded by her art, we wanted to learn a little more about her and her photographs. 

Lindsay, why did you choose to expose your photographs in our building?

First of all, you have to know that this is my second exhibition. I am passionate by photography but this is not my only job as I also run my own design agency: ID First

I choose EASI because, in the past months, I've learned to get to know this company and its philosophy. I work in the surroundings of Nivelles so I have had the opportunity to meet EASI collaborators quite often. It is really surprising how people who work there are truly committed to their company. The management philosophy, based on values such as respect, equality, and transparency, is also very refreshing. I see myself through these values as well. My agency is still quite young but I'm pretty confident in the fact that I want to make it grow whilst respecting these values. 

I could not work with a company that doesn't share this spirit, that's why I choose EASI for this exhibition. 

Why is this exhibition so special to you?

I can't reminder when I started to dream about New-York, but going on vacation there was one of my dreams. I went there with my husband to celebrate my 30th birthday. It was as magical as I imagined it will be. While walking in these streets, I felt so many different emotions. You could really get so many feelings from a neighborhood to another. This photographs series is all about trying to make people feel exactly what I felt when taking the picture. That's why each photograph is named after a feeling. These pictures concretize two dreams: holding my own exhibition and going to New-York. See all the photographs here: https://lindsayzebierphotography.pixieset.com/newyorkexhibition/

You mentioned a Design agency, ID First: what do you do exactly? 

We have 3 main business poles; branding, photography, and web design. These 3 departments are interconnected and complete each other. After more than 5 years working in an agency, I had the opportunity to launch my own business. Which was as scary as exciting. But with courage & hard work, I manage to realize this other dream. We are still a little team but we work very hard to continue growing. I invest a lot of time in networking. Taking the time to meet people and learn from their experiences has made a real difference for me. 

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