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Where are you with your ransomware recovery strategy? Step 3: Backup & Recovery Strategy

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Dirk Slechten
Executive System Engineer, EASI

We've talked about Perimeter Strategy, your End Point & Server Protection Strategy and now it is time for the third and final part of this series: your Backup and Recovery Strategy.

Backup Strategy = Last line of defense

Your backup strategy should be your last line of defense, and it is the most important line of defense. When you get comprised, you need to fall back to your last line of defense, your backups. So there is no need to say it is primordial that your backups need to be as safe as possible. It is very important to follow the 3-2-1 rule, keep 3 copies, 2 different media, and one copy off site.

More detailed information can be found on this blog.



What is your Disaster Recovery Strategy?

Test your backups. How often do test your backups and run a full recovery test off-site? What time is need to recover from a disaster? Is this time (RPO) to long for your business to recovery? A disaster recovery solution, where you replicate your on premise environment to the cloud might be the solution for you.

ON premise

We have experts available that are able to assist you with the best practices for each line of defense.

Contact us to see how EASI can share our experience and help you to implement the correct security strategy!

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