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Why is EASI's Cloud2be solution different from other cloud solutions?

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Philippe d'Alcantara
Sales Engineer, EASI

Well, that’s a really good question, isn’t it? Let me start off by putting things a bit in perspective.

About two years ago, I was really interested in getting myself a drone. You know, those flying quadcopters with a camera on the nose giving you the possibility to make those really great arial shots.

At that time, it was an even bigger hype than it is now. So once I had decided which drone I would buy, I started looking out where to buy it. And that is where things got complicated. There’s the price on one side, but the service you get with a drone is just as important as the machine itself. Everybody knows : When you buy a drone you’ll definitely crash it someday. But there’s also learning how to fly it, support for extra batteries, spare parts, etc...

So I finally decided to buy my drone from a store that was specialized in this specific matter. They offered to guide me and continue to deliver support when I would have issues, questions or whatsoever without having to get back to the manufacturing company of the drone, they were the sole responsible. I paid a bit more than in a typical retailer, but those retailers weren’t able to take up the responsibility as a “Drone-vendor” it’s just not part of their core business.

Now, what does this drone story have to do with Cloud2be you ask? Let me give an example

Most people know Microsoft Azure: it’s a great cloud platform that works through it’s partners in Belgium. When you use Azure cloud you work with a business-partner that coordinates the environment. This means that when there are issues, problems with the service or changes to be made in which Microsoft needs to be involved: You will have to contact your business-partner, and he will have to contact Microsoft. And let’s be honest, we all know how this goes: It’s like calling a Belgian telecom provider. And it’s really not their fault, they are a huge company who do a lot of different great things and have thousands of clients.

But where is the main difference then?

It all comes down to the end-to-end responsibility due to the fact we own our solution. This is where we make the big difference, because in the core we are a services company who prides itself of the added value it brings to it’s clients in specific technologies and solutions we have mastered. And Cloud2be is one of these.

Does your company need exact resources for your environment, you’ll get them. Those exact resources and not an approximate that could be too much or too little. Do you have 15TB’s of data? We’re able to come with a physical appliance and go to our data centres to migrate it. It won’t have to take days to go over the line. Do you have a more exotic type of software or legacy software that doesn't work with the newest hardware & virtual technologies? Those are just a few examples of challenges we can tackle.

The bottom line is really this : When I bought my drone, I didn’t just get my drone, I got the best possible service I needed with it. When you get Cloud2be, you don’t just get a cloud platform, you get the best possible service your company needs with it. Thanks to it’s modularity we're able to tailor our solution to your company’s specific needs. Cloud2be can do that.

Did I mention our two data centers are located in Belgium, and that you can visit them? Yes, you can see where your data is!


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