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Why ransomware should concern you

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Quincy Cabral
Senior Sales Representative

Ransomware is growing. In size, in scale, in finesse. It is one of the greatest cyber security threats companies are facing right now. Here is an example and some handy tips.

An example

For a company in Zaventem, yesterday was a sad day. The company is being held hostage by cyber criminals who used ransomware.

More than 1.000 employees are unemployed. This example shows why you should defend yourself. Recently my colleague Christophe wrote an article about why your firm should invest more in security. That sounds harsh, but the numbers don’t lie. Two thirds of Belgian companies are already victims of cybercrime.

My colleague Renauld wrote an interesting piece earlier, about the fact that ransomware is on the rise again. It explains how it works and the different forms of attacks. 

Some handy tips




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