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Why should I switch from a ‘buying’ to ‘renting’ my licensing?

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Laurent Dekoninck
Internal Sales Coordinator

In the last few months, we have been advising our clients to change their licensing mode for their remote access licenses, for instance. We are even encouraging them to switch from perpetual to rental mode. Read on to learn why.


With our clients, we discuss the problems caused by the catastrophic Ghislenghien disaster that took place 10 years ago. If unable to get to their premises, are they willing to provide remote access to all of their employees? If so, what is the timeframe for maintaining the continuity of their operations? 

So we make them a proposal to replace their existing licenses with a version in rental mode. This change in licensing mode will allow them, if necessary, to increase the number of licences in a few minutes. And this on a monthly basis, with the option of returning to the basic quantity of their contract when these are no longer needed. In contrast, the timeframe for adding a license in perpetual mode takes several days. Unlike the rental mode, it does not allow monthly granularity.

Practical example

One of our customers had already implemented a remote access solution for some of their employees. This allowed remote access for 20% of its staff. Based on our advice, he therefore changed the licensing mode. A few days before the start of the lockdown, the client contacted us with the question: "Is it possible, like you said before, to make use of an increase in licenses as of tomorrow?" Since all their users were going to have to switch to Home Working mode, this had to cover all the employees of the company. Within minutes the client had all of their users set up with a valid license and ready to work from home.


You should therefore not hesitate to consider the rental mode for your licenses. The rental mode gives you the following benefits:

  • varying the quantities of your licenses in a very short time.
  • this change in quantity can be done both upwards and downwards.
  • always having the latest version updates.
  • controlling and spreading out your costs related to your licenses (Capex VS Opex)
  • ...

We are at your service to help you choose the programme that best suits you... and above all that would allow you to maintain the continuity of your operations at all times!

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