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Why using the Hotline Extranet?

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Benoît Vanden Eynde
Product Manager, EASI

The response is simple but can all the same appear paradoxical… you will be better served by using our Extranet than by calling us!

Customer satisfaction

You asked to see it … and it is a legitimate request. Our main focus is customer satisfaction! The responsiveness of our service therefore plays an important role in the feeling of our clients in terms of effectiveness. In effect, if we are not effective, the load is likely to accumulate… It is precisely because of this concern for effectiveness that we have developed a series of items which represent distinct advantages for our clients compared to the “classic” system of a call centre.

Thanks to our Extranet, a client no longer has to wait long minutes on the telephone, nor be transferred between different departments in order to express a request several times over. The client is asked to enter this request directly into a form at https://my.easi.net/ after being authenticated. On the one hand, this will allow monitoring of exchanges between the client and the hotline. And on the other hand, we will already have a series of significant information before investigation. Furthermore, when the client creates a ticket, several people (the client's consultants, product manager, hotline manager) will automatically be notified in order to be kept up to speed with the request. These potential stakeholders will then be able to provide a response in order to resolve the issue.

Competent agents

It is not the client who calls the hotline, but the opposite. And that guarantees the client is in direct communication with a competent agent. In effect, “hotliners” are consultants who can provide a response that is both functional and technical. This concept is important because it enables the hotliner to prepare for the call and have responses ready when the client is on the telephone.

The Extranet is part of our internal ticket management tool.  In this system, we can “prioritise requests created on the Extranet and put everything in place to wrap them up as effectively as possible. To talk about “numbers”: one urgent/blocking calls, the Hotline has managed to wrap up 90% of requests in less than 3 days! The client can of course indicate this priority when creating a request.

Quality service

The Extranet is not only about creating a request. The objective is to provide our clients with a quality response as fast as possible. This response does not necessarily require intervention from a hotliner. To do this, we have drawn up quality FAQs based on the most recurring questions. We also provide the latest version of our applications. Furthermore, the client will find there a complete history of the questions asked.

Every month, we take a step back and analyse the statistics from the previous month. We can take stock each month and take the measures needed to improve our service.

For the more reluctant, please do not see this as a restriction but as a platform to serve you better. For EASI, it is very important that the relationship is healthy because the Hotline is an essential collaboration resource in our sector of activity and we strive to set ourselves apart compared to other telephone services.

Finally, it can be seen that our clients are seeing the benefit of this because more than 70% of questions are entered via the Extranet.

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