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Why you absolutely need Vulnerability Scanning

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Christophe Verhaeghe
Team Manager, EASI

Security is the topic of every IT-manager in 2019. And rightfully so. If you think you won't be a target, your wrong. Read this story about bakery specialist Ranson.

What happened?

Hackers managed to shut down every company server (52 in total) and encrypted the backup copy. Only after they paid thousands of euros, they received a code to reset everything. Focus WTV clearly explained the situation is this video.



It is important to know that the company knew very quickly how the hackers found their way in. A mistake by an endpoint user. Our firewall had one gate open, due to a human mistake.

What to do?

Vulnerability Scanning is the answer here. If they had continuously scanned their systems, the probability of spotting (and patching) the weakness would have been higher . Even if you don't have the IT-staff to act on errors, you can still benefit from Vulnerability Scanning. Software like this can be managed by a third party and scan, patch and solve vulnerabilities like these for you so you can focus on your business.

Where to start?

Vulnerability Scanning is a broad term and covers a lot of aspects. To guide you to all of them, we've created a free whitepaper to introduce you to this kind of security.

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