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Why you shouldn't miss the expansion of EASI in Luxembourg

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Julien Haeck
HR Advisor, EASI

You probably know EASI from the many vacancies in Nivelles or Liège, but did you also know that we are looking for new employees in Luxembourg?

There are times when you know that if you don't get on that train, you know you won't get another chance like that.

Why work in Luxembourg?

Some will say, because it brings financial advantages. And yes, there is no denying that the Luxembourg market and its historically low tax threshold are a benefit for your portfolio at the end of the month.

Anyway, even if you pay someone richly, and he or she is bored at the end of the day, this person will not work for you for long.

At EASI, we prefer to focus on ambition and growth prospects.

If you apply now to join EASI Luxembourg on the map, you will have the opportunity to write history with them. Because... the most important things have yet to happen there.

That is why we are looking for people who will help to develop and shape the office. Intrapreneurship, you said? Exactly. That's what we're looking for.

Imagine the prospects for the evolution of your career. After all, we'll soon need people who will take charge of the projects, others who will lead the teams...

Fun fact. Jean-François Herremans, used to manage our Luxembourg offices as country manager and now he is our CEO! You see, great things are possible for those looking for opportunities!

Sales, sales, sales

To develop the office, we will first have to rely on passionate people who love a challenge. Developing a market is not easy. It requires a good knowledge of the field and a pro-active mentality.

Dear sales friends, Luxembourg is your new playground!

10% of the customers of our Adfinity software are currently located there. So imagine: what if this figure doubles thanks to you? Are you looking forward to make a name for yourself and conquer this huge market at the same time?

Do you want to offer people a concrete solution to their business problems, hone your social skills? Do you get energy from contacts with clients and do you have an affinity with the financial sector? Then this is your opportunity.

Where are we?

Our offices are located in the economic zone of Capellen, at the Belgian-Luxembourg border. And with fewer traffic jams, you get a lot of positive energy in return to start your workday.

Do you want to start your adventure with the Best Employer of 2020? Don't hesitate to send us your CV.

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